About John C. Randall

     John Randall is a chemical engineer who jumped off the traditional corporate career track when he was 43 and since then he has focused on helping others to achieve a higher level of success.

     John is a trusted confidential advisor who helps individuals to grab control of their own career, income and time by using his expertise in self-leadership, self-marketing and self-control, based on genuine values and integrity.   He has earned the moniker: "The Consultant's Consultant"

     John's clients are from a wide cross-section of ambitious individuals from throughout the United States of America.   His proprietary insights has helped them save time and worry less as they gain their career track independence.

    Master of Science Chemical Engineer, educated at Harvard Graduate Business School, fast-track professional and executive with four Fortune 500 companies, and since 1981, the founder and operator of several for- profit and non- profit entities, and mentor-advisor to hundreds of business founders,  owners and leaders.  For more insights,  go to JohnCRandall.com  or see the Free Case Study.